AGROYIELDS- Agricultural & Commodity Trading.

Crowdfunding platform for Insured, Alternative

And Higher Investments of 20-35% ROI.


Guaranteed Returns on Investment.

Supporting and Empowering Farrners.

Contributing to food security.

Creating markets for our farmers both locally and Internationally .

How IT works

Create an account

Join our growing community of investors by registering online or with any of our representatives

Select a farm

Select a farm or farms you would like to invest in and make payments for the particular farm cycle

Receive Updates and profit

Be updated on progress of the farm, and receive your profit at the end of the cycle

Our Farms

Now Open
Poultry Farm in Ogun State
15% Returns in 6 months
₦ 50,000 per unit Invest
Opening Soon
Groundnut Farm in Niger State
18% Returns in 7 months
₦ 50,000
Opening soon
Opening soon
Beans Farm in Kano State
18% Returns in 6 months
₦ 50,000
Opening soon
Melon Farm 2 in Niger State
24% Returns in 9 months
₦ 50,000
Farm Closed

Why Choose Agroyields?

Insurance Cover

All our farms and commodities are backed by the leading Insurance provider in Nigeria.

Low and Flexible start-up

You can start and own a farm unit for as low as N50,000. You can buy as many farms/units as you can (Depending on availability).

Different Cycles and Crops

At Agroyields, you can choose different farm cycles or crops within the farming year, thus having a choice and spread for your investment.

Good Returns

Agroyields offers up to 24% Return on Investments and an assured stream of profitable investment in secured farms.

You don't have to be a farmer to own a farm

Join the growing team of discerning people to invest in agriculture. Invest with us at Agroyields, sit , relax and take profit.

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