Some of our Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. When can I invest in a farm?

You will need to follow us on social media and visit the website often to know when the opening of the farm of a particular food crop is announced.

Q.How safe is my investment?

Agroyields farm produce are insured, and the interest of our customers is considered our utmost priority. Also, we are committed to ensuring that the investors get their returns.

Q. How do I invest in a farm?

Each farm investment is sold in units. The Unit price is usually displayed alongside the food crop. For example, if tomato farm is opened, you can buy a unit or more before it’s sold out.

Q. What Agroyields does?

We are not limited to training, assisting and informing farmers of best farming practices. We also provide a global platform which enables farmers to have a ready market across the nation.

Q. How do I pay for a farm

After selecting a farm, Proceed to pay for the farm on our website. You can also pay for a farm via bank transfer.
Email and we would send our bank account details to you for payments.

Q. How do I get updated?

Information and updates on farm openings, Investments, allocations and general information will be sent periodically via email newsletters..

Q. How long does a farm cycle run?

A farm cycle can run from 5 months to 12 months depending on the farm or produce.

Q. Can I cancel my sponsorship earlier than the agreed farm period?

Each farm has a fixed cycle period therefore it is impossible to interrupt the growth cycle of any crop before maturity.
However, at the end of the stipulated farm cycle, and the sponsor has received his returns after harvest, the sponsor can decide whether to reinvest or stop.