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What we do

Operating in the downstream of the agribusiness value chain, we are committed to promoting the local production of food crops in order to meet both local and foreign demands, as well as positively impacting the lives of the farmers.

Crowdfunding platform

Platform for farmers to get adequate funding for farm projects. Helping farmers boost production and yields.

Offtake of Farm Produce

We also provide a global platform which enables farmers to have a ready market across the nation.

Farm Management

Managing farms and farmers during each farm cycle to ensure proper operations, and to deliver the promised returns to investors.

Farmers Aggregation

We bring small scale farmers all across the Nation together to help them achieve economies of scale and to help meet the standards and scale of modern markets.

Storage & Logistics

We provide adequate storage and warehousing to reduce post harvest losses. Logistics for the proper movement, aggregation and marketing of farm produce.

Extension Services

Farmer Education, delivering information inputs to farmers in the form of technoligical transfer, advisory services and facilitation..

Our Process

For Investors

Register and Create an Account

Join our growing community of investors by registering online or with any of our representatives.

Select a farm

Select a farm or farms you would like to invest in and make payments for the particular farm cycle.

Receive Updates and profit

Be updated on progress of the farm, and receive your profit at the end of the cycle


For Farmers

Identification and Training

Training, assisting and informing farmers of best farming practices.

Location and Crop selection

Complete control on each & every element that provides endless customization.


We also provide a global platform which enables farmers to have a ready market across the nation. .